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Summer CSA begins June 9.

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Our Webstore will be retired in just a few weeks.   All of our local products will be moved to the Harvie platform to be merged with our CSA in the coming months.  If you are a loyal Webstore customer, consider signing up for a CSA share (we have 4 sizes!), and then you can customize your share to include the items you usually order from the Webstore.  While this change may be sad for many, it is out of our control because they are shutting down the area that hosts our website.


Support local farmers and enjoy farm-fresh foods!

NWPA Growers is a cooperative of farms operating in the rich agricultural landscape of Northwest Pennsylvania that produce vegetables, fruits, eggs, beef, chicken, pork, lamb, maple, honey, and more!    

Our farmers are dedicated to sustainability and all grow organically or naturally.

  • No chemical pesticides/herbicides
  • No chemical fertilizers
  • No GMO's  

Working together, we can provide our communities with a greater choice of quality farm products, growing a vibrant local food economy in western Pennsylvania.

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