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Farm Share Recipes

Posted 4/12/2017 12:00pm by Amy Philson.

Spring greetings!  The daffodils are blooming, which makes me very happy.  My children picked a bouquet and put them on the table next to me.  While I love flowers, I do not take the time to tend a flower garden.  I love daffodils because they show their sunny faces year after year without demanding anything from me.

Our spring greens continue to grow.  Some of the items you will see in coming weeks are spring onions, wild ramps, spinach, arugula, and more lettuce.  We'll see if we have enough asparagus and rhubarb to add to the shares, too.

Here is what is in your Farm Share this week:

  • Onions from Chester Detweiler Farm
  • Arugula from NuWay Farm
  • 2 lettuce from Harmony Grove Farm
  • Carrots from NuWay Farm
  • Potatoes from Chester Detweiler Farm
  • Pea Shoots from Harmony Grove Farm
  • Cabbage from Tuscarora Organic Growers
  • Japanese sweet potatoes from Tuscarora Organic Growers

When I arrived today to package up the sweet potatoes, I found that some of them had started to deteriorate.  I picked out all of the bad ones, but some just had soft spots on the ends.  I cut those off, since the ends should dry out and heal.  But we didn't have enough first-quality sweet potatoes to keep out those that had bad ends.  I recommend that you use them within a couple of days.  I am sorry that we had to send them out like this, but I thought some second-quality sweet potato was better than no sweet potato.


Chef Salad in a Jar

10 Three-Minute Salad Dressings

Pea Shoot and Baby Arugula Salad with Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette

Roasted Sweet Potato Salad

Linguini with Arugula, Garlic & Parmesan

Arugula Salad with Parmesan, Lemon and Olive Oil

Japanese Sweet Potato Fries

Low-Fat Vegan Vanilla Frosting (made with Japanese sweet potato!)

Balsamic, Honey Roasted Cabbage Steaks

Garlic Roasted Cabbage Wedges


Have you signed up for Summer Farm Share yet?  If not, be sure to do so soon to reserve your space.  And please tell your family and friends about us so they can enjoy farm-fresh produce all summer.  Our best advertisement is word of mouth.  Our local farmers thank you for your support, and our livelihood depends on community support.

Blessings to you all.