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Posted 5/24/2017 12:47pm by Amy Philson.

This is the final day of our Spring Share, full of fresh spring greens!  Summer season begins in just two weeks.  It seems impossible that June is almost upon us, yet the seasons don't wait for us to be ready.  Your farmers are planting seeds and seedlings, mulching and weeding, planting new perennials, tending to baby animals, managing pasture and fence for older animals, and more.  Soon it will be time to cut hay for winter feed.

David Yoder of NuWay Farm shares another installment from his life on the farm:

     I awoke quickly.  I knew it was morning, for I felt well-rested.  Yet, I could tell it was early, somewhere between 4 and 5 o'clock.  I lay on my back for a while staring into the darkness, thinking of the day ahead.  The soil was dry, the weather warm--just right for planting.  Today we hoped to be able to sow more beets, cilantro, arugula, and possibly broccoli rabe.  Actually, I will be preparing the soil with a team of horses and cultimulcher while my son Josiah follows with the planter.
     I got dressed and stepped outside the door of our farmhouse.  From the looks of the eastern sky, the sun was struggling its way to the horizon, evidence of a beautiful day ahead of us.  As I entered the barn, the horses greeted me enthusiastically.  Now I don't believe for one minute that they were overly happy to see me; I think it's mainly that they had been impatiently waiting for their portion of grain.
     With the horses now munching oats, I walked slowly to the woodlot behind our house.  Wow!  Those birds were glad for spring and a warmer climate, too.  Several cardinals were talking to each other at the same time.  How in the world they can communicate that way is beyond me.  A hairy woodpecker drummed on a dead tree somewhere, warning others to keep back.  The trail I was walking on led me past our sugarhouse.  It is a 10x20 building only two years old, a great place to spend an early spring night boiling maple syrup.  I continued my walk, robins, rufous-sided towhees, crows trying to outshout each other, and all the wild creatures entertaining me with music of the woodlands.
Sugar shack at NuWay Farm
     The trail took me past a patch of ramps that we have been coaxing and nurturing to spread throughout our woodlot.  Well, they seem okay.  And would you believe it before I knew it my early morning hike took me somehow to my own kitchen door.  Ahh, the smell of pancakes, sausage, eggs, and warm maple syrup caught my nostrils.  Man!  Was I ever hungry.  After my nature walk and a hearty breakfast, I felt well-equipped to begin my day on the farm.

Farm Shares

Today's farm shares include:

  • Pea shoots from Harmony Grove Farm
  • Rhubarb (2 lb.) from NuWay Farm
  • Broccoli Rabe from NuWay Farm
  • Spinach from Grateful Life Farm
  • Green onions from NuWay Farm
  • Watercress from Miller Farm Products
  • Mixed lettuce from NuWay Farm
  • Lettuce from Grateful Life Farm
  • Lettuce from Harmony Grove Farm
  • Herb from Springfield Acres or Bushel and a Peck Farm

The Broccoli Rabe was a nice surprise.  We didn't think it would be ready yet, but we were surprised.  So we substituted that for mizuna that we had planned.  If you're not familiar with it, it is a member of the brassica family (cabbage, broccoli, etc.).  It forms a small broccoli-like floret on top of a tender stalk with leaves.  Some say its flavor is reminiscent of arugula.  My family ate some with dinner last night.  When I boiled it in salt water for a few minutes, most of the bitter, spicy flavor was subdued.  I then sautéed onions and added the drained rabe and seasoned with salt, pepper, and lemon juice.  Delicious!


You will be eating lots of salad in the coming days!

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Lemony White Beans with Broccoli Rabe

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Hmmm...I think I went a little overboard with pinning recipes today.  You should not be lacking for ideas for your veggies, and you have no excuse if you forget them in your fridge. 

We all wish you a festive Memorial Day weekend filled with family and friends.  Take time to remember those who have died in service of our country. 




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