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CSA Recipes

Posted 2/28/2018 11:24am by Amy Philson.

This is Week 7 of our Winter Share.  One more week in mid-March, and then our Spring Shares begin.  This time of year, I crave fresh greens after the season of storage crops, so I'm thankful that we have some fresh greens available before most spring crops are ready.  We have to be content with storage crops a little while longer for the bulk of our veggies.

An update from Grateful Life Farm:

The end of winter is feeling near, as we have spent more time outdoors the past few weeks.  We gave a thorough cleaning to all our rabbit hutches and a health check to all our breeding does and bucks, then brought the does to the bucks' hutches for our first breeding of the season.  Baby rabbits are due on March 8th.  We have also spent some time tapping a dozen maple trees on our property.  We don't make much syrup, but enough for ourselves, and it feels good to be out in the woods collecting sap, gathering fire wood, and gradually getting used to hard physical work again. 

Also, check out Philsons' Bushel and a Peck Farm's Facebook page to watch some videos of our maple production.  https://www.facebook.com/philsonsbushelandpeckfarm/

CSA Shares

  • 2 lettuce from Harmony Grove Farm
  • 1 scallion microgreens from Harmony Grove Farm
  • 1 maple mustard from Philsons' Bushel and a Peck Farm
  • 1 lb. Jerusalem artichokes from Philsons' Bushel and a Peck Farm
  • 1 dozen pullet (small) eggs from Mickley Farm
  • 1 lb. carrots from TOG
  • 2 lb. sweet potatoes from TOG
  • 1 lb. turnips from TOG


Crispy Jerusalem Artichokes with Aged Balsamic  (cut recipe in half to serve 4)

Jerusalem Artichoke and Mushroom Saute Persillade

Simply Delicious Glazed Carrots

Carrot Ribbons with Rosemary Butter Sauce

Mexican Chicken, Sweet Potato, and Black Bean Skillet

Chili & Honey Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Lime

Sweet Potato, Turnip & Chickpea Hash

Sweet Turnip and Carrot Soup

The Maple Mustard makes a great dip for pretzels or chicken.  Spread some on chicken, pork chops, ham, or salmon for an easy glaze.  It's also great on sandwiches and burgers.

Until next time!



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