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I can't do CSA because I don't have time to cook!

Posted 5/16/2017 10:28am by Amy Philson.

This was shared by one of our Farm Share members:

"I can't do CSA because I don't have time to cook!"

I would like to challenge this statement with a story. My college aged son was living on his own for the first time last summer and working full-time in Erie. He had grown up going to farmer's markets and CSA share pickups, and I wondered if he would like to be part of a CSA. He agreed to give it a try but was worried about how to use the shares without wasting food. His strategy was to pick up his share on Wednesdays, see what was in the box, and go to the grocery store to pick up any additional ingredients to make a meal that night. Then he used the recipes provided by our CSA manager to cook again on Sunday to use up any of the fresh items he received that week. He would then eat leftovers on the other days of the week. It worked perfectly and what was intended to be an experiment ended up being a very positive experience for him. He is going to be a CSA member again this summer and hopefully for many years to come. 

If you have considered a Farm Share but haven't signed up yet, time is running short!  We have veggie shares that range between $10 and $26 per week.