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Spring and Summer CSA/Farm Share

Posted 2/15/2018 10:56am by Amy Philson.

With the promise of warmer weather, we are looking forward to a new growing season.  The sap is running in the maple trees.  Farmers are prepping their greenhouses and starting seeds. 

It's time to sign up for your Farm Share for Spring and Summer/Fall.  Do you grow a garden, but you crave the fresh greens in the spring before your garden begins to produce?  Or are you curious about how a Farm Share works and not sure if you will like it?  Check out our Spring Share, with a low commitment (5 pickups spread over 10 weeks) that will allow you to get a feel for what is in a weekly Farm Share.

For the Summer/Fall season, we offer several options.  There are three different sizes of CSA Share.  You can choose the full-season share from June to November, or just the Peak-of-the-Season 12-week from July to early October.  Since our regular CSA Share consists completely of veggies and fruits, there are also several add-on options including meats, eggs, and cheese from which to choose. 


Are you planning to be out of town?  You may schedule vacation days and get a double box on a different week, so you still get the full value of your share.  Or you can ask a friend to pick up for you and share the bounty with them.

CSA Share members receive some bonuses.  Each week you receive an email with farm news and recipe suggestions for your weekly veggies.  You also receive free membership to the Webstore to order extras.  And CSA Shares enjoy first priority from our farms as well as more value for your money compared to Webstore. 

Last year, we tested a Select Share with a few members, where they could choose the contents of their CSA box each week.  After assessing the good and bad of that program, we have decided to revamp it a little.  This year, rather than a CSA Share, we are rolling the Select Share into our Webstore.  When you prepay at least $300.00 on your Webstore account, the Webstore Membership Fee will be waived.  You may then place orders from all categories in the Webstore (not just produce!) and use your account balance toward payment.  You save $16.00 and the hassle of paying for your order each week, and you receive exactly what you want.  Add more money to your account at any time throughout the season.  While we prefer to have commitments for CSA Shares rather than the Webstore, we understand that this arrangement doesn't work for certain families.

Of course, our regular Webstore membership is also available, where you pay for each order at pickup.

As always, our produce is naturally grown without chemicals and GMOs.  Our meat, eggs, and cheese come from animals that enjoy pasture and non-GMO feed when appropriate.  Our cooperative of small family farms and homesteads endeavors to feed our families and our surrounding communities with wholesome, locally-produced farm products that will help you live a healthy life.

Pickup Locations:  We are scaling back a little this year, consolidating all of our deliveries to Wednesday.  Our goal is to have at least 15 CSA members at each location.  Too few, and we will be forced to cancel delivery to your community.  We want to serve fewer communities better instead of being spread thin over a wide area.  You can help ensure that we stay in your community by sharing this info with your family and friends.

We are currently looking for a new pickup location in New Castle, since our past hosts are hoping to sell their home.  If you know of a home or business that may be interested in hosting, please contact us.

Thank you for your interest in and support of our local farmers.  We all know that eating local food supports our local economy, which helps all of us.  Local food is fresher and more nutrient-dense.  And did you know that most farmers only receive pennies on the dollar for their crops?  You help our small farms earn the value of their hard work when you support NWPA Growers. 

You can find all the details at www.nwpagrowers.com.  To go directly to the sign-up page, click here.  Please email me with any questions you have.

Amy Philson, general manager

NWPA Growers Cooperative



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