NWPA Growers Co-op

CSA Webstore Products List

What products are offered in the weekly webstore?

In addition to the weekly produce share, our CSA members may also pre-order a wide variety of local products through our online webstore.  Pre-ordered items will be delivered to drop-off locations along with the produce shares, and must be paid for at pickup.  Webstore access is free for CSA members.

MEATS: Frozen chicken, pork, beef, lamb, rabbit, turkey.  All beef is 100% grass fed.  Other animals are pastured and supplemented with non-GMO feed.

EGGS:  From pastured chickens fed non-GMO feed

CHEESE: Middlefield Grass-fed Cheese made from local milk


BODYCARE: Locally-made. Soaps, lotions, shampoo bars, moisturizers.

VEGETABLES and HERBS for freezing or canning: Canning tomatoes, basil for pesto, green beans, pickles, sweet corn, cabbage (by the pound or half-bushel, depending on item). Small or large amounts of various vegetables from our growers will be available weekly.

WINTER STORAGE: roots, tubers, winter squash, potatoes

RAW MILK: Available with a membership to CARE (ask for more information)