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"Happy to support our local farmers and growers year after year.  Knowing some of them personally it’s awesome to know the people behind the food going into your body and that it comes right from our own backyards!  Yes it costs more than store bought foods. Yes you have to make an extra stop to pick it up.  But it’s so worth it!" -- E.

"This gives me a chance to tell you how much I like the winter csa.  I  almost did not sign up. I have been a member in the summer for a few years.. I did not realize how much great food we would get in the winter.I wish I could convince a few of my friend how important csa's are  Thanks to all the farmers." -- S.

"My wife and I have really enjoyed the veggies so far this year.  We have a small share and it is perfect for us!  We are never tired of zucchini, and if some eggplant showed up later this summer that would be great.  The squash flowers this week were a nice treat." -- C.


I'm so happy with my first year I can't wait to do this again! haha I've been doing some freezing and trying new recipes too!! I just wanted to say thanks and tell you I've been bragging about the program!!!  -- J


"Just wanted to say hello and thank you, I am enjoying my winter co op!  I just made potato leek soup for the second time with all my veggies and the butter and cream from the co-op, it is delicious.  We use the recipes all the time and love the mix we get every other week in Hermitage....Thanks agin for all your hard work, I have a friend who is definitely joining next summer as I rave about the selection, quality and the organization." -- S


"Please pass on to all the growers that my family has enjoyed their produce this summer. We look forward to pick up each week. This is my first year and I have been very impressed with the quality and variety. It has been fun learning to cook with vegetables that I might not normally buy. My sister does it also and she feels the same way. We will definitely be doing this next year." -- R


"Just wanted to give you my feedback on the CSA. I love the variety.  I find that we get the perfect quantity of each to prepare fresh veggies throughout the week for my family. Also wanted to let you know that I was in a CSA last year and I am finding the quality of produce to be of a much better quality.  Thanks for bringing the farm to our table."  --M


"Loved my CSA share. I have already started using it. Yesterday we had breakfast for supper with the fresh eggs.  Today I made grape leaves out of the leaves for my choice. And a strawberry rhubarb pie. I also used some of my spinach to make a green smoothie for breakfast! Loving the greens and can't wait to get my next share!" -- K


"I just wanted to tell you how happy we are to be a part of the CSA this year.  Today I had a nice big salad for lunch.  Dinner included the oregano, chard, spinach and strawberries.  I made a cobbler with the rhubarb and am currently waiting for it to cool a bit!    ...and there's still plenty of greens left for the rest of the week.  I am excited to see what is in next week's share." -- J


"NWPA is the third CSA that I have been a member of and the variety and amount of product we receive each week is amazing. It feels good to be able to support our local farmers and food systems, and to be part of such a great group of people. The webstore provides the opportunity to purchase extra crops throughout the year, so we were able to buy larger quantities of veggies to can and freeze for winter." -- K

We have enjoyed participating in the NWPA CSA for the past two summers and being a part of the community surrounding it.  Neither my husband or I are from the area, but the CSA has helped us to feel more connected to the area and the land here.  Sometimes environmental causes can seem somewhat abstract, but participating in a local CSA is a very practical way of being good stewards of the land in our area, through sustainable farming practices.  Also, we have school-age children, and we wanted them to learn more about responsible agriculture and to even meet some of the people who are growing our food.  Overall, it has been a very positive experience for our family."   

 CSA and Winter Market member,  Grove City


"Just wanted to say that I am so happy to be part of the NW PA Grower's CSA....While I grow a lot of items in my own garden, its great to get some things early and some things that I don't otherwise grow.  I've enjoyed the recipes and getting to meet everyone at the picnic. 
I made a commitment to get my family off of boxed foods this year and I'm happy to say that I have done this. I want to teach my children the value of eating healthy...
So thanks to you both for all of the hours you put together towards making the Co-op a success.  It is much appreciated by all of us, even if we don't always express it. "  from a 2012 Franklin CSA member