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Directions to Winter Market pick-up locations

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Ginger Hill UU Church is located in Slippery Rock,  a half-block off of S. Main St.

On Main St, look for a red bench near PCEE and Cafaro's Pizza  (west side of Main). There is also a bike parking rack by this bench. Stand near the bench and look down the small alley. You will be looking at the front door of the church. The church building is pale yellow cement block and has a large triangular sign above the front door.

From the main municipal parking lot (behind the bank at Franklin and Main St.)

Look up the one-way alley to the south. You will see a pale yellow cement block building. A large green rectangular sign on the building facing the parking lot says "Meeting Place of Ginger Hill UU Congregation"

This is the side entrance, please go around to the front door.

If you are hopelessly lost and confused call 724-556-9420 for help!  


PLEASE do NOT park in any of the parking spaces in the small lots adjacent to the Church as GHUUC does not own this property. These spaces are for tenants of nearby apartment buildings and the owners tend to be a bit crabby about unauthorized use of the spaces...

Please park on Main St or in the Municipal Parking Lot instead, THANKS!