NWPA Growers Co-op

Summer Farm Share/CSA Types and Pricing

NWPA Growers Co-op is your local source for all-natural/organically grown produce and other farm products.  All of our produce is grown using non-GMO seed and no chemical fertilizers or pesticides.  Our meats are raised on grass as much as possible and supplemented with non-GMO feed where appropriate.

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FULL  SHARE    $625.00  ($26.00/wk)      24 weeks, June 12 through November 20.  Generally 10-14 different vegetables and fruits.  Enough for a family with two children or two vegetable-loving adults who use vegetables daily as side dishes or salads.

SMALL SHARE    $435.00  ($18.00/wk)     24 weeks, June 12 through November 20.  Generally 6-9 different vegetables and fruits.  Enough for a couple or one vegetable-lover.

MINI SHARE    $255.00  ($10.50/wk)    24 weeks, June 12 through November 20.  Generally 3-5 different vegetables and fruits, or smaller quantities for smaller appetites.  For those who live alone and don't eat large quantities of veggies.

PEAK OF THE SEASON SHARES    12 weeks, July 17 through October 2.  The same boxes as above, just a shortened season.

  • POS FULL SHARE    $350.00  ($29.00/wk)
  • POS SMALL SHARE    $250.00  ($20.00/wk)
  • POS MINI SHARE    $150.00  ($12.50/wk)


CHICKEN SHARE  $162.00  1 whole pasture-raised chicken.  Non-GMO feed. No antibiotics or hormones. From Grateful Life Farm. 

  • MONTHLY CHICKEN SHARE (Total 6 chickens)   $162.00
  • BIWEEKLY CHICKEN SHARE (Total 12 chickens)   $324.00  

EGG SHARE   $120.00   1 dozen pastured, non-GMO eggs per week. From Miller Farm Products.  June through November.  (Total 24 dozen)

SAUSAGE SHARE  $156.00.   One pound of bulk sausage per week, including breakfast, sweet Italian, hot, and ground pork.  From Mickley Farm's pastured pork.  No antibiotics, hormones, or GMOs.  June through November.  (Total 24 lbs.)

GROUND BEEF SHARE   $180.00   1 lb. ground beef per week from 100% grass fed beef from Hazy Hollow Farm, June through November.  (Total 24 lbs.)

RABBIT SHARE   $144.00   Dressed, frozen rabbits that are pastured and fed non-GMO feed.  A new recipe will be provided with each rabbit.  1 per month from Grateful Life Farm, June through November.  (Total 6 rabbits)

CHEESE SHARE   $132.00   1 package of cheese each week, generally 8 oz. except sheep milk cheese is a smaller package.  Flavors of cheese will vary.  Sourced from Middlefield Cheese Co-op (grass-fed or organic cheese), Pasture Maid Dairy (pastured), and Rainbow Valley Cheese (sheep milk or organic cow)  June through November.  (Total 24 pkg.) 

Peak-of-the-Season Shares are also available for each of our add-on shares. 

NOTE:  Those who purchase only add-on shares without a Vegetable Share will be assessed an additional delivery fee of $36.00 for weekly shares or $9/$18 for chicken shares.  One delivery fee will be assessed per account, not per share.  CSA members do not pay the delivery fee for Webstore orders.


Sharing Shares?  If you want to share a share with friends or family, you can add up to four names per share account  All members sharing that account will receive updates via email and will have access to our Webstore.  It will be the members' responsibility to divide shares. Some members take turns picking up the share.


What about vacations?  You pay for and receive 24 weeks of CSA shares.  If you wish to take vacation any time throughout the season, you can receive a double share a different week.  Just schedule your vacation at least 5 days in advance.  You can also ask a friend to pick up your share for you if you can't make it to the pickup location on time.  Or you may elect to donate your share during the weeks that you are on vacation.


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